Happy Honeymooners Return

Happy Honeymooners Return

In this business, we have the opportunity to work with thousands of brides and grooms.  With all those ceremonies, relationships with the clients begin to develop and spending so much time together over the many months before their special day, we get to know them as friends too.  In most instances, we don’t get to have too much contact with them after the event, but from time to time we have the privilege of staying in touch.  When Jared and Jill, our happy couple from June returned from their world-wind honeymoon, they let us know all about their trip, and also thanked us for helping them have a very memorable wedding at Coronado Community Center. We want to wish them continued happiness and a long and happy life together.

Hi Petr,

We are back from our wonderfully long honeymoon! Thank you guys so much for making our wedding day such a success and relatively stress-free. You made the wedding a perfect event!  Much thanks to The Abbey.

I had high expectations of the food being good because the food tasting was so good. The wedding food seemed of the same quality which is really impressive when serving so many people.

I thought the Abbey did a great job, they turned my low budget wedding into something that people thought cost double what we paid, which is always a great feeling. If I had a need for catering in the future I would use them again.  Much thanks to The Abbey.

Jared and Jill

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