Run your way to a healthier Summer you

Run your way to a healthier Summer you


A wedding needs so much planning that a bride can often neglect the most important thing – herself. Joining a gym may not fit into a tight budget, but there are many other simple and effective 12-week options to lose weight, tone up, and look your best in time for a perfect Summer wedding.

Self-motivated workouts can seem daunting, but studies show that a regular running plan can tone the legs and abdominals  whilst aiding weight loss, meaning the results become the inspiration! Running workouts help in releasing endorphins and are responsible for making you feel more awake, happier and mentally revitalized. This is commonly known as ‘Runner’s High’ and gives you the push you need to see the plan through to the end.

Your very first workout should gauge where your comfort zone is. Start with 20 minutes of 2-minute run/walk reps and increase by week, aiming to comfortably run alternating 8-minute and 6-minute bursts between walking by week 8. For the last 4 weeks, each run should achieve two sets of increasing 10 to 20-minute runs with a 3-minute walk break and by the final week you should reach your target of a solid 30 minutes running time after one rep of 15 minutes with a 5-minute walk.

Remember to warm up and down thoroughly around each workout, and set a realistic goal to reach by the end of your 12-week training program. The website has a series of tools to help you negotiate a route which is right for your fitness level and offer other tools to help plan and develop a healthy and fun fitness regime to get you looking your best on that special day and beyond.
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