Seagrove Park Weddings: An Unforgettable Experience

Seagrove Park Weddings: An Unforgettable Experience

Seagrove Park Weddings

Of all the San Diego weddings we’ve coordinated, Seapark Grove weddings have been truly unforgettable. There’s only a handful of ceremony venues that have beautiful ocean views in the San Diego area. One in particular that I would like to mention is Seagrove Park in Del Mar. As you can see from the pictures, it’s a perfect backdrop to your wedding ceremony.

When you’re considering a wedding venue it can be an overwhelming number of choices. You may have stumbled upon this article after hearing the Seagrove Park wedding venue was a favorite of someone you know. Well I’d like to tell you it is one of our favorite venues as well.

sea grove parks wedding bride

Located near the Del Mar Powerhouse, it’s the perfect compliment to their beautiful venue. Although, there are still many wedding couples that decide to have their Seagrove Park wedding, and their reception wherever they feel works best. Seagrove Park is within 30 minutes of San Diego and therefore, your reception venue can be any of the multitude of venues located within reason. There aren’t too many venues in San Diego that compare to the Seagrove park wedding venue.

The Seagrove Park Weddings Venue

I highly recommend doing the valet parking instead of trying to find your own free spots.  The Park and Beach is popular year round so the free parking get’s taken up pretty quickly.  I would encourage you to put a note on your invitations to make sure everything get’s started on time. When you’re considering a wedding venue, please don’t overlook the Seapark Grove weddings venue.

Seapark Grove Weddings

The Abbey would love to help you plan your big day, and we work with many of the top venues in San Diego to make your wedding dreams come true.

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