Secret tips on #BeachCeremonies all #Brides need to know

Secret tips on #BeachCeremonies all #Brides need to know

If you dream of having a beach ceremony, you would naturally assume it’s a non-issue in San Diego, right?

Although beaches are aplenty, having a beach ceremony does not come without a little paperwork. Here are some helpful tips you many not have known:


  • There are several shoreline parks sanctioned by the city that can be permitted for a ceremony or private event, like Calumet Park or Cuvier Park (also known as the Wedding Bowl). The permit must be obtained through Balboa Park & Recreation.
  • The permits for highly desired locations are done via a lottery. This is a random drawing done once a month for the next year’s same month at the Parks & Recreation office.
  • When reserving your permit through the Parks & Recreation office, you don’t have to personally be there; it’s made for out-of-stater’s to be able to fax in applications. They have the same chance of winning as those who are physically present.
  • Only one permit is issued for each park per day and costs $273.
  • Another point to consider is the fact the permit availability for each park area only opens one year prior to your intended date (ex. permits for July 2014 cannot be obtained until July 2013), so this can pose a problem when trying to coordinate your ceremony and venue dates.
  • However, if you need to feel the sand between the toes while you’re exchanging vows, and your San Diego beach wedding is less than a year away; then the only beach that can be permitted year round (except for major holidays) is Windansea in La Jolla.
  • Beaches like Pacific Beach and Mission Beach can be permitted only by approval of the district manager for that beach area.

If you have any questions (or for help obtaining a permit), call one of The Abbey Catering’s event consultants for assistance in making your dream ceremony on the beach become a reality

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