Setting the Tone: Band vs. DJ

Setting the Tone: Band vs. DJ

Your venue is secured & your planning is well in hand. She wants a DJ & he wants a band.
Let’s talk pros & cons.

Putting your signature on your day can be as simple as determining the direction of the music. When selecting a band you must be mindful of the level of professionalism they represent. Have they performed at a wedding site prior? What do their reviewers say? And once you find the band that performs the music you want to hear, do you want them at your wedding or would it better to save them for a later party? You may end up with a garage band that performs mainly for house parties and not elegant venues. Definitely look to bands that have wedding experience. Also, would you want them involved as an MC? If you do find the band for you, ensure that you have that additional someone that is willing to be involved in announcing events. Certainly hiring an independent MC is a great option, just be prepared.

The DJ is the most popular choice and can save money when opposed to hiring a band. A band can easily be more expensive than the venue and a DJ you can typically obtain for less than a band. The one major advantage of the DJ is that you’re pretty much guaranteed someone who can MC effectively. Check of course to see that they are comfortable doing so and verify how involved or removed they are willing to be.

Ultimately, these individuals become part of your day. Find the person or persons that have the product & the value you want. More importantly, make sure you and the artist have a personal connection where you can communicate, so that you may express your vision and ideas. You want people you can count on and people you’re comfortable managing.

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