Shopping for a Wedding Dress

Shopping for a Wedding Dress

We all approach this in a different manner but as a Mom of two daughters who are getting married 1 year apart from each other I have had the experience of what it really means to shop for that “Perfect Dress”.  All girls are not created equal!!

Some brides have had visions of what they will wear on their special day from the time they can walk, and some wait until the very last minute to create that dream.  Wedding dress shopping can be a very daunting task and while it is ultimately up to the “Bride to Be”, she needs constructive input from her Mom and her Bridal Party.

You never want to step over the boundaries when dress shopping because something that I might like as a “Mom” may be way out of line from what the Bride is looking for!!  As a mom of two brides, I had the experience of thinking I knew my daughters, but when it came down to shopping for their dress I was totally off.

So here is my two sense, if you are a Mom, encourage your daughters to look at all the wedding sites they could possibly imagine to check out dresses before they go shopping, or I can guarantee they will end up frustrated because they have no vision of what they might be looking for.  Go to Bridal Fairs and see the dresses on the models, have them take pictures of what they envision their dress to look like, etc.  Once you get to your dress shop appointments, have them talk to your sales person and give them their thoughts on what their perfect dress will look like.  Have them be prepared to say I want traditional white, I don’t want silk, I want beading and lace, etc.

Make sure the day you have scheduled for wedding dress shopping will be stress free and have no time constraints.  You may end up going to 1 shop or 5 different shops to find that perfect dress.  Have someone that is going to take pictures of every dress the “Bride To Be” will be in, so that you can reference those dresses again, in case there is a maybe situation on deciding.

Last but not least make sure everyone has a good breakfast, coffee and take water with you.  Don’t forget to stop at some point to energize and refresh everyone that is in attendance.

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