Soledad Club Wedding: The Soledad Club is a Vista to Visit

Soledad Club Wedding: The Soledad Club is a Vista to Visit

Soledad Club Wedding: A Remarkable Wedding Venue

The lower-level property works great for large cocktail receptions and has a conformed arch that displays an effortless frame for ceremony space.  Fifty free private parking spots are available for use on site while extra street parking is found on Soledad Road.

soledad club wedding

Rental rates vary depending on time of year, but begin around $1895.00.  However, rates can be less if you decide to secure your wedding on a day other than Saturday.  The Soledad Club is located on 5050 Soledad Road.  For more information, visit their website or contact our Soledad Club expert

Ready For Your Soledad Club Wedding?

The Soledad Club is a preferred venue at The Abbey Catering and we would love to have the opportunity to combine our best effort in conjunction with this beautiful venue to create an awe inspired experience at your next event.

Need more ideas?  We have many and if you need a caterer,  it would be our pleasure…..

5 more tips to finding the perfect Wedding Venue in San Diego

Finding a venue for your San Diego wedding or private event is probably the single most important factor when it comes to wedding or event planning, since each one dictates much of how your event will unfold. This can be an arduous task, since many people are trying to find the perfect balance between what a venue offers as well as cost. To help you in your search, here are some more tips to consider when shopping for the perfect location:

1. Have a clear understanding on what’s included in the fee. Ask about rental hours, time limitations, equipment rentals, and any extra costs. Extra costs can be items like required security for events and even liability insurance purchased by all parties for the protection of the venue.

2. Decide if it’s important to have your venue in a metropolitan area, close to local attractions and hotels, or if you’re into something more rustic and secluded. The former can create an ease and great convenience for your guests, but the latter may instill a more intimate and exclusive environment for them as well.

3. Does it have a preferred list of caterers or other wedding professionals you must contract with for your event? Keep this in mind when formulating your budget for several reasons: a) some caterers have food and beverage minimums, no matter the size of your guest count, and b) some venues have exclusive beverage caterers and rental vendors, so you’re stuck with paying their costs no matter what.

4. When you’re deciding on your guest count and matching it up with the venue’s capacity, keep in mind the amount of space your vendors may also use in the area for items like food and beverage tables, and entertainment (like the DJ). For example, your venue may have a capacity of 200 guests but your guest count is lower at 175. However, if you go with a buffet-style dinner, the food tables may take up space that is needed for guest seating. This is why it can be beneficial to bring your wedding coordinator or even your caterer with your when exploring venues so you have a second eye and professional opinion.

5. Although it goes without saying, double check what type of contingency plans are set in case of inclement weather, particularly if your ceremony and reception will be in a fully outdoor location.

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