Specialty Linens

Specialty Linens

One great way to customize your wedding or special event is with specialty linens for all of your tables. With so many different tables from the guest, sweetheart, sign-in, gift, cake, belly bar, etc. it’s a perfect way to personalize to your tastes and for all of your guests to see your creative side. There are many different colors and textures out there, so use your imagination and don’t be afraid to mix and match. We recently had a wedding where all of the guest tables were the same color of linen but the textures were all different, and it really provided a unique table setting while still maintaining the color scheme of their choice. Contrast is very important too. Colored specialty linens with white napkins, chairs, and plates make for a wonderful contrast and brightens up your linen of choice, making it “pop”. Even selecting white linens in a specialty texture will really make your event stand out from the norm.

Most importantly, use linens as a way to show what you want your event to be… favorite colors of the bride and groom, seasonal colors depending on the time of the year, etc. Use the existing landscape and architecture of your selected venue to help with your selections as well. Creativity and originality is key.

Choosing the Abbey’s All Inclusive package can include specialty linens, so contact us today to find out more.

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