Sweets for the sweet

Sweets for the sweet

Last weekend, on a sunny day overlooking La Jolla Cove, Lauren and John sealed the deal with salt water taffy, jelly beans and M&M’s.  What a fitting homage to such a sweet love!

As friends and family readied themselves for what was sure to be a celebration “for the books”, they were greeted at the La Jolla Bridge Club with an open bar and tray-passed appetizers in a lovely sun-kissed garden.  Just over 100 thirty-somethings steadied themselves at the sight of both Stone IPA and Budlight on tap amidst a full alcohol and soda bar.  Tri-colored bruschetta, New England Blue crab cakes, coconut shrimp skewers and mini-beef wellington warmed the bellies of the enthusiastic guests as they raised a glass to honor the couple as they made their grand entrance to “Bitter Sweet Symphony” by The Verve performed on steel drums.

Inside, overlooking the magnificent Pacific Ocean, kids and adults alike, filled  themselves at a whimsical candy-bar that included old-time favorites such as salt water taffy, M&M’s, jelly beans, sour worms, jordan almonds and Swedish fish.

Dinner was an enthusiastically received, delectable, panko-crusted chicken breast and juicy, cut-to-order, Tri-tip that was served over cream cheese mashed potatoes and mixed veggies.  As guests were welcomed onto the dance-floor, they danced the night away to Journey, Lady Gaga, Stevie Wonder and the unforgettable, unmistakable musical stylings of  The Righteous Brothers.

The bride and groom were the last to leave and, as we hugged our goodbyes, they shared their excitement over a wonderful day and wonderful life to come.

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Photos courtesy of Julie Buchta Davis Photography
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