Thank You All for All Your Appreciation

Thank You All for All Your Appreciation

We want to thank all the amazing people we have met over the years designing and creating events, we are gracious for the opportunity to work with all of you and highly appreciate all your kind words. We think such wonderful emotions should be shared for all to enjoy and wish to dedicate this blog to all our new clients of 2012.


From Lisa and Ned Harbour:
“WOW! Words can seriously not say enough about The Abbey. My husband and I got married in July this year and had our wedding at the Cuvier Club, catered by The Abbey. We worked specifically with Zapher Dajani, the president and founder. May I say that this man made my dreams come true. My husband and I are from Phoenix, AZ so our wedding was a destination wedding in La Jolla. Our families are also from Tennessee, so this was a celebration of our marriage, but also a vacation for many. Our family and friends had nothing but incredible things to say about the staff, the food, and our wedding as a whole.

Destination weddings can tend to be stressful as a bride because you are not always there, you can’t see things in person all the time nor speak with people face to face. Zapher and the Abbey made me feel as though I wasn’t even having a destination wedding. He was always available by phone or email at all times, and if he wasn’t going to be, he would let my husband and I know and he would put us in contact with Zapher. I never once felt a sense of discomfort or stress that I wasn’t able to be in La Jolla to plan my wedding. It was true peace of mind. The whole team coordinated with my florist and my bakery. We used the DJ recommended by The Abbey and he was incredible!

The staff at the Abbey is so talented. The chefs are amazing, I have been to many weddings where the food is good, but nothing that I will remember forever. The Abbey surpassed any food I have ever had! Our guests are still talking about our food today. Anytime we talk to someone that attended our wedding, they comment about how they want to eat our wedding dinner all over again. The wait staff that serves the food is wonderful as well. My father had made a slide show to be shown during dinner, I was concerned about this because I thought the wait staff might get in the way when changing from salads to dinner. This worry was most definitely a silly one with The Abbey. My guest said that they never saw the wait staff even clear plates or bring out the dinner, the staff was so smooth with this transition. The guests said they were watching the slide show and next thing they knew they looked down and dinner was there! Simply incredible.

The Abbey Catering and Event Design is truly full of multitalented people. They took a vision that I had and sent it soaring above and beyond my wildest dreams. Zapher has a true gift and has staff that shares this gift. They all work so incredibly hard… and they LOVE what they do. They live and breath The Abbey and I can guarantee that they will never do an event with less that 100% passion and heart. Their passion and talent is the reason they make dreams and visions come true every day.

One last note, people have always said to me “Don’t sweat the small details of the wedding, if they don’t go right, no one is going to notice.” I took this quote into great consideration and can honestly that NOT ONE single small detail of our wedding went wrong. Everything was perfect, it was a dream come true with The Abbey.

Thank you!
Leah and Matt Harbour”

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