The Abbey Saves the Day

The Abbey Saves the Day

Last Thursday Southern California was blanketed in one of the largest blackouts in US History. You wouldn’t necessarily think it’s a big deal even in wedding season and especially on a Thursday. Guess what? We had two couples, eagerly awaiting their weddings on 9-8-2011. Just as the lights went out, the Abbey Team went into action. Ocean View Villas suffered a brief outage until our emergency generator arrived and kicked in. It was able to power the DJ and provide enough juice to get the lights going.

Abbey one, Outage zero!

On to the Coronado Community Center, at reception time it was lights out for millions in San Diego and Coronado Island was not exempt. Fortunately, the Community Center & Abbey Team worked in concert with one another to ensure back-up generators powered the Reception.

Abbey Two, Outage Nothing.

When a situation seems beyond all our control it could have easily been a time when people stood by and just accepted the state of affairs. Brides & Grooms may have been understanding but when you secure the best, expectations must be exceeded.

Congratulations to our Happy Couples & Go Team!

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