The Britt Scripps Inn All Aglow

The Britt Scripps Inn All Aglow

You enter the Britt Scripps Inn and become immediately immersed in a century-old property, ornate with every detail. Through the gate and up the steps sits a beautifully carved open door. One step through the door and you are completely transported, as you bask in the wonder of the Britt Scripps Inn’s original stained glass windows. Framed perfectly by the winding wooden staircase, the windows span the entire west-facing side to capture every ray of sun. Images of a bygone day are illustrated to perfection as animals dance across the frame.

As you walk the steps to the second floor, these images come to life before your eyes and before you know it, you are completely immersed in this captivating vision. When searching for the perfect place to set your wedding, shower, or cocktail party, come to the Britt Scripps Inn. The venue’s beauty is intoxicating and you will leave wanting more.

The stained glass window is just one of the many breathtaking features of the Britt Scripps Inn. Contact us here to find out what else this beautiful venue offers.

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