The Carriage House at the Britt Scripps Inn

The Carriage House at the Britt Scripps Inn

San Diego Premiere Luxury Hotel The Britt Scripps Inn

The Britt Scripps Inn Carriage House

In the North Garden of the century old

Britt Scripps Inn sits the Carriage

House. A beautifully decorated Victorian

Cottage, The Carriage House offers all of

the amenities of the Britt Scripps Inn,

but gives you the privacy of your own

little hide-away. Walk down the brick

path to the front door and bask in the

warmth radiating from inside.

Surrounded by gardens, sit on your own

private patio or indulge in the large

jacuzzi bathtub.

The Carriage House is just one of the many features of the Britt Scripps Inn. Contact us here to find out what else this beautiful venue offers.

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