The Details are in the Details

The Details are in the Details

You know, with most of your time spent planning your perfect day, we know it can be quite hectic.  Though using your favored resources i.e… help from family, friends, and the team here at The Abbey, can help make all the difference.  We would like to recommend a little checklist to make things go easier, because little things matter and the details are in the details.  How about this:

    • The perfect venue – check
    • #1 caterer in San Diego – check
    • Wedding vendors & coordinator – to fill in all those minor details – check
    • Ceremony and reception preparation – check

Now if anything, I know you’d want your guest to be impressed by the setting and ambiance of a love filled day labored with comfort and anticipation. So, that brings us to the last check on your list above, and I would have to say one of the quickest ways to dress your ceremony and reception is your chair selection. Chairs can bring elegance, clarity, and comfort to both the feel of the space and to guests, of who are made to feel a little like royalty.

A little detail goes a long way, especially with the old style classical feel of chiavari chairs if that is your vision. It’s important to source the right chair for your day and the team can help you. Depending on the decor that you have set your heart upon, there are many options in the way of chairs to help you. The same chair can be used at both ceremony and reception, but if you are having a beach ceremony I think you would probably emphasize your floral decor, the arch and the surroundings to bring out a romantic oceanic feel as the waves crash upon the shore blessing your union, I recommend a simple white wooden folding chair. They’re padded for your guests comfort and can be attained for about $2.50 each. Next, do you transfer those chairs to your reception or go another route. What does your venue say to you? Is it a hall, garden, historic building, or more contemporary? Fort the three former, I like to see a chiavari chair. You can select from a variety of colors for your chair & pad. Prices vary pending your color and availability but expect to spend approximately 4 times the standard wooden chair. There are also clear lucite chairs to dress your day should you be in a more contemporary venue or museum. There are a variety of styles to suit your every need. Contact your event consultant today to discuss the right direction for your day.

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