The First Steps in Creating Your Day

The First Steps in Creating Your Day

Congratulations!!! You’re newly engaged! What’s next? Some have had their vision planned from youth, but how do you make it a reality? Is it even realistic? The first step is coming up with a reasonable budget. Do your homework though, when you add all the required services such as a DJ, a photographer, a florists, a videographer, your cake, and your catering the price will rise steadily and you may find yourself over-budget.

It’s ideal to think about your caterer almost immediately after you’ve confirmed your venue. This should be booked 1 year out. Then on to the vendors. First & foremost, your photographer & DJ must be selected. There are many photographers & DJs out there but finding the one you want takes time. Your florist & cake provider can work numerous events a day so I would do initial consults 8 months out and confirm 5-6 months till. This is a good path to follow in the beginning.

In Southern California, your average venue books in advance 1-1/2 years ahead and are usually the the second most expensive item in your budget. Research venue pros and cons online and then pick 7 to 9 you like and go visit them.  Ultimately, go with your heart when making a selection balancing your budget and your pro/con list. We, at The Abbey Catering regularly assist brides & grooms looking to finalize their venue choice. Find someone who knows the ins and outs of the venues in your area. As an industry leader, our wedding and events consultants have numerous years experience developing events all over San Diego and they will gladly get you the important background on your venues of choice.

Next step, do you want catering only or an all-inclusive package? It really depends on you. Average catering prices based on 150 guests will run 2 to 3x your venue price so keep that in mind.  All-Inclusive packages are typically custom having both value and drawbacks, so be well informed and ask a lot of questions. The two  major advantages of an all-inclusive package are that they provide a list of vendors you can work with, and since the reputation of the company is intertwined, you know that you’re in good hands. Still, always check reviews. You definitely want to know who you’re dealing with. Second, with an all-inclusive wedding there is a seamless team mentality which is priceless for the precise execution of your day. Third, with an all-inclusive you get a complimentary wedding coordinator which also runs the vendor meeting.  This meeting is for all the vendors, the bride, the groom, the planner and anyone else that is involved with the decisions to meet at the venue and hammer out all the details once and for all.  After this meeting, the planning is over!

Let us help you put your signature on your day, we have the pen & the time if you’re ready to start…

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