The importance of contrasting colors at your #Wedding

The importance of contrasting colors at your #Wedding

When planning your special day, remember this one important thing. The color contrast can either make your special day as beautiful as you deserve, or make it into a decorative flop. This blog is to make sure your day is the former. So here are some great tips on contrasting colors through lighting, floral selections and venue selections.

1. Dream up the color palette for the vision of your day. This may seem the obvious, but a lot of brides can get overwhelmed with all the details, their theme changes and morphs into a hodgepodge of orange and blue. Get a color scheme in your vision and stick with it!

2. If you special day’s color scheme has very rich colors, try to find a venue with supporting colors rather than prominent or abrasive colors. An example of this would be a smooth white, or a tan; rather than a dark-wood brown or rich satin red. The smoother colors allow your special day’s palette to pop out instead of being absorbed into the richer colors. On the flip side, if your vision has a very light color palette then a rich venue color palette would be the best choice for you. Like the beautiful dark-wood finishes of Britt Scripps Inn.

3. The time of day your reception takes place also factor into the contrast. Having your reception take place in the daytime can limit how well your colors contrast with each other. For example, we had a client who’s original vision was to have pure white table linens and baby blue napkins. A beautiful choice. However, her reception was outdoors at midday, the sun was going to wash out the light colors of the baby blue and make her tables look a little plain. This was not a problem for the Abbey Catering, we set up a beautiful tent around the reception area, shading the tables and allowing the contrasting linens to pop once again!

4. Floral selection are a great way to make your color palette to really take hold. Depending on the season your special day is in, flowers can vary in cost. So try not to single a certain type of flower out over same colored flowers. Cost per stem can go up as much as five dollars according to season! Saying that, make sure to be open to different types of flowers with same colors. Just bring the vision of your color scheme and let the florist work.

5. Lighting. It is everything! Lighting can change moods and overall feeling of the entire reception. Too much light and the party can seem too dry. Too little and the party can seem like a cheap night club. However, just the right amount allows for the perfect temperature of the party, allowing people to unwind and celebrate your wonderful day! I highly recommend uplighting for any event. This will allow you to break off sections of rooms or add the extra special look your event deserves.

Color contrast allows you to emphasize your taste and personality. Choosing your colors shows your personality to all the loved ones and friends you invite to your special day. It allows you to add your unique flare to the day. If you ever need any help from venue selection to uplighting please contact us at the abbey catering.

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