The Most Desired Specialty Beverages

The Most Desired Specialty Beverages

When it comes to the food it’s important to have the cuisine reflect you and your loved one.  Creating a menu that is authentic to who you are and what it is you like.  Along with the food your signature cocktail is just as important when you want to leave a lasting impression for your guests.

Think about all the unique drinks that are out there.  The flavor, presentation, and color of the beverage are important factors in selecting the right drink. Take for instance the martini.

Martini’s are a classy and traditional style signature drink.  Though many people might not be interested in something so strong, adding ingredients to down tone the alcohol content is a smart idea.  The right move would be to pair ingredients that will coordinate with the colors picked for your wedding. It’s much easier then you may think to.  With the specialty mixers out there now of days you can basically create any flavor and color with just a dash of certain ingredients.  Another popular style of drinks are highballs.

Highball drinks are beverages designed to blend flavors together in a highball glass.  These drinks are usually two or three components with a lovely garnish presentation.  Take for instance the orange crush.  A combination of vodka, orange juice, and a splash of lemon lime soda garnished with an orange peel.  It’s simple, delicious, light and refreshing all in one.  Highball drinks are similar to martinis because mixing and matching flavors is quite simple especially when you know what it is you like!  We also recommend champagne style cocktails.

The most popular champagne style beverage out there is the Bellini.  A dash of sparkling wine or champagne mixed with your choice of fruit puree.  This again is a very light and refreshing style beverage.  Having this as a welcome drink is a very inviting gesture to your guest.  It helps set the mood for your wedding with a tasty beverage waiting for them as they arrive.

The specialty cocktail is like the dinner special that everyone wants to know about.  Creating a colorful, flavorful beverage will let your guest know that you were thinking about them to even though it’s your day.  Take advantage of the mixology, and make a beverage they will love just as much as you will when it’s time to make a toast!

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