The Nelson Wedding

The Nelson Wedding

The Nelson Wedding was a one of a kind wedding with nothing routine about it. On March 26th the Nelson party gathered at Ocean View Villas in San Diego, California for the wedding of Kelda and Erick.  The bride and groom wanted a real casual, fun, social wedding, that was different from your typical traditional wedding. This allowed us to get creative and really have some fun with the design. There was not any assigned seating at this wedding and instead we choose to use lounge furniture and belly bar tables to provide spots for the guests to hang out, lounge, and have a good time. There were tables and chairs for some guests, but the idea was not to force people to be sitting down the whole wedding, which gave the wedding a great vibe and guests had an awesome time. This wedding is an example of what we as a company can provide to those who choose to stray from the “typical wedding”; not that there is anything wrong with the “typical wedding”, but it is not for everyone.

After the wedding we jumped right into our cocktail hour and provided our guests with some of our signature appetizers and drinks. We then prepared for the grand entrance and shortly after The newly wed’s family and friends were treated to 3 dinner stations: Our custom “SHAKEN NOT STIRRED,  SALAD STATION.” Our “TASTE OF HOME” station including Chianti-Braised Short Ribs with a Red-wine DemiGlace, Rosemary Scented and Parmesan Mashed Potatoes and Grilled Market Vegetable Garnish. The “TASTE OF THE ORIENT” station with Marinated, grilled, sliced chicken breast, Buckweat soba noodles/With Garlic Soy Reduction Pan Roasted Summer Vegetables/Button Mushrooms/Thai Peppers/Onions served in Chinese TOGO boxes with Individual Chopsticks. After dinner the newly weds cut their Norwegian cake and we opened up the DESSERT STATION with Individual Creme Brulee’s topped with fresh blueberries.

Typical is not how we do things at the Abbey, and we know you don’t want a typical wedding, click ahead and make your wedding unique to you…


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