Light In The Midst Of Darkness

Light In The Midst Of Darkness

It was a beautiful day in Coronado, as Heather and Kurt arrived at The Coronado Community Center. The weather was perfect for the Twilight Ceremony on Coronado Beach.

As we were began setup, the power went out in the building. Power outages when the weather is warm is common. When we were told how large of an area was without power, we acted on the areas that we had control over. The remaining problems were met with creative solutions. One of which was the Center getting the generators. I was very impressed at how quickly The Coronado Community Center responded to this crisis. They were able to rent two portable generators from the City of Coronado and had them on-site within 45 minutes which allowed us to setup temporary lighting for both the banquet room and for the kitchen and have enough power for the DJ. Everything had been accomplished prior to the ceremony even ending. As the guests arrived for the reception, they entered an oasis of Music and Light while the rest of Southern California sat in darkness.
The reception area has beautiful views of Glorietta Bay and the San Diego Skyline.

As guests arrived, they were welcomed by the Abbey Staff passing trays of Ahi Poke served on a Wonton and Filet Wellington. The open bar, fresh fruit floral display and gourmet cheese and cracker display was also a popular area of the patio.

Uncontrollable obstacles happen all the time, its how you handle those obstacles that make all the difference, come see how we do it…


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