A Taste of The Abbey

A Taste of The Abbey

The only thing that outdoes the beautiful sensations brought by our eclectic event set designs would be the warm air coasting out from our kitchen. Warm breezes that bring with them mouth watering scents of some of the most delicious food known to the world.

The grandness of our food is due the keen eye of our head chef Matt who overseas the careful preparation of our food by perfectly executing each recipe and creating the best with the best. Matt will keep a vigilant eye on the process at all moments, from the sit-down tasting to the dinner plating. Our head chef is always concerned with imbuing that divine flavor into each tasty morsel. While if ever our head chef Matt is too busy upon perfecting one dish, The Abbey Catering also employs 12 trained and professional chefs prepared to create for you the perfect catering experience.
Now, if you don’t find that food which tickles your taste-buds on our menu feel free to talk with your event coordinator and without any hesitation we will have some of your favorite dishes ready to be served and savored for the hour of your tasting. It’s what we do. We work with you, we create a menu that blends absolutely with your desire.

Our ability to design food is absolutely extensive, here are just a few elegant examples.

Preparing and cooking tasteful dishes is just part of what we as caterers enjoy doing. Why not let us find a slice of happiness by helping you plan your next event…



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