The Truth About Crash Diets

The Truth About Crash Diets

We’re not going to lie, every bride will experience that one-month-to-go panic about their weight, the dress and how the photos are really going to look.  It makes perfect sense to be concerned, after all, it is your special day and you deserve to look perfect for it. The chances are you’ve probably already thought about a crash or fad diet, but is it really that good of an idea?

For starters, crash diets are detrimental to the condition of you skin, hair and nails on the big day. Essential vitamins come from fat which keep you glowing, so cutting these out may cause a few pounds to disappear, but you’ll also have to say goodbye to that healthy glow too.

Cutting your intake is also a bad idea. Why? Because the body has a setting we like to call ‘starvation  mode’. As soon as you limit intake to the body, it will think there is a problem and slow down the metabolism to counterbalance it. Not only will this limit fat burning, but will leave you sluggish and fatigued. Not a good idea for anyone who’s still got last minute planning to do.

Finally, denying yourself the little pleasures life allows could also add more stress to the rest of your week. While you might have the willpower to last a few days without any chocolate or alcohol, eventually any craving can make you snap, given the right amount of pressure. Instead of cutting out your favorite tastes altogether, limit them and replace them with healthier alternatives. Try a chocolate health shake or replace beer with wine.

Dieting isn’t always easy, but it is something you can achieve with a little willpower and a lot of common sense. The weight-loss equation is simple, burn more than you consume. Work in some of the exercises previously recommended in this blog for real and achievable results to get wedding day ready in a snap!

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