The Ultimate Commitment: The Diet

The Ultimate Commitment: The Diet

Healthy good looks come from the inside out. This is why it is essential for any image-conscious bride to have a diet plan solidly implemented before the wedding day. Follow these simple nutritional tips to make a big impact on the waistline without being a big burden on your time.

Eat breakfast. Known as ‘The Most Important Meal of the Day’, they weren’t lying. Make it a priority to have a large and healthy breakfast to wake you up and kick start a healthy metabolism. To avoid the urge to skip it, prepare it the night before.

Drink water. That’s the clear stuff that can also be found in coffee, soda and a refreshing G & T. Many people forget that it’s a drink in it’s own right, but water is a key trick to maintaining good health. The benefits include (but are not limited to) weight loss, improved concentration, suppressed hunger and younger looking skin. Get into an easy routine by drinking your 8 glasses at the same times each day.

Plate down. Your brain is a clever organ, but it can be mislead. Using a smaller plate for smaller food portions will trick your mind into feeling full up quicker. Learning to enjoy and chew your food for a little longer will also give your stomach time to tell your brain you’ve had enough.

Enjoy fruit. Sweet, tasty, juicy, colorful and varied. Learn to cram fruit into your eating routine. Whole, blended, cooked, dried, there really is no argument against swapping out a few nutrition no-no’s for a delicious selection of fruit. Add to that the endless health benefits and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a blushing bride.

To get some healthy alternatives to traditional wedding reception fare…come over to the Abbey to ask us some questions.

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