The Victorian Era is Back

The Victorian Era is Back

This wedding was hot off the press!  Cecilia and Scott Kopchinsky led the pack as the hottest of 2012 as they reinvented the fan bouquet.  The fan bouquet was the wedding craze of the Victorian Era. Only the wedding queens of 2012 could revive a two century old style.

Although with a lot of creativity and love the wedding took place at the beautiful and historic Thursday Club in Point Loma. Built in 1928, The Thursday Club is known for being one of San Diego’s beautiful and historical landmarks. This charming old Mission style house is located on the California coast with a panoramic ocean view. The grounds include an elegant garden path, which adds to the ambiance of any event.  It is here that Cecilia, in a sophisticated and stunning laced wedding gown, seemed to step out from the latest pages of Brides Magazine, accompanied by her ever so handsome husband, Scott.  With the help of her bride’s maids, her wedding coordinator Sharon Cole, and Event Planner Jaime Soto Jr. They were able to bring to life a modern vision rooted in an era of eloquence and chivalry and still bringing a fresh and modern twist to it. Originally from the Victorian Era, the fan bouquet became popular in the 1980’s.

This type of bridal bouquet is traditionally made with fancy lace and a bouquet of flowers, covering the fan and conforming to the arc.   The Kopchinsky’s avoided the drudges of an old-fashioned wedding by using thick paper to create fans adorned with more ornate papers.  They also had handmade coasters with origami flowers of different colors.  Birch wood branches to hold the dangling fans aloft throughout the room bringing sensitivity and ease.  It made one of those secretly prized and understated statements. More and more brides now a day are giving up traditional wedding planning and opting for a green wedding. Green weddings utilize all the perfections of modern day recycling. Some common options often chosen are the recycling invitations, letters, wood and papers – giving purpose to old items turning them into beautiful favors, table number plaques, and other décor.  Their use of vintage paper at their eco friendly wedding gave that extra sense of style.  And now this vintage theme seems to be taking over as 2012 comes around! Their entire theme was completed by the standing stained glass windows that surrounded the main ballroom and the vintage light fixtures, wall sconces, and ornate crown molding.  The guests were captivated in every sensory aspect from the feel of the décor to the taste of the food.

They chose a pre-set salad made of rustic tomato with cucumber, feta, olives and pickled red onions topped with chive oil and balsamic dressing.  The main entrée was served from a presented buffet.  Two items were served: the choice of succulent slow braised short ribs in a demi –glaze with gremalata or a fresh grilled Citrus Mahi Mahi with sides of sautéed mushrooms and Orzo salad with cherry tomatoes in vinaigrette.  Dessert was a decadent fresh strawberry Bavarian cake with white chocolate shavings and a 3 layer red velvet cake that was to die for!  It was nothing short of a night to be remembered. The evening came to an end and Cecilia and Scott rejoiced and reflected on the day and thanked the me and the Abbey for making their dream comes true.  I am so happy again to be part of another beautiful and perfect wedding and to be blessed to make two new friends.

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