Tips on Creating Your #WeddingTimeline

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Tips on Creating Your #WeddingTimeline

The master wedding timeline is an important tool for every wedding, because like a blueprint, it plainly lays out the plan for the day’s events, including what’s expected and when from all pertinent parties. A well thought out and fine tuned version will ensure your wedding runs smoothly and stress-free. So when starting to put together your timeline, here are some things to consider:

Many couples use their cocktail hour to capture their traditional wedding photos; consider a “first look” or taking as many obligatory photos as possible before the ceremony, so you can maximize the time during cocktail hour for very specific images.

When it comes to catering, opt for tray-passed hors d’oeuvres versus stationed ones because it allows guests more time to mingle rather than waiting in line for food at a station. Also, consider having a preset salad with any style of dinner service, so guests can immediately begin enjoying their meal as soon as they enter the reception area.

Keep toasts given during the reception to only a select few special guests and ask other guests to give their speech during a welcome dinner or pre-wedding party, so it doesn’t affect the overall timeline of the wedding day. Furthermore, schedule the toasts during or after dinner, just in case they run long, so dinner service won’t be affected.

Ditch some of the traditional wedding activities, like the anniversary dance or garter removal, so you have more time spent with your guests and to enjoy the overall party.

Be flexible on the actual time of cake cutting, since it usually signals when guests are allowed to start leaving the reception without fear of offending the bride and groom.

Have a “grand exit” from your reception, so you end the night on a memorable note, and so your guests are less likely to linger around the venue after you leave.

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