Tips on levels of service for your special day

Tips on levels of service for your special day

One of the harder things to decide on your wedding day might be what level of service to have.  To avoid any logistical blunders or under staffing  check out these great tips on service levels!  Many events, especially weddings, need an adequate amount of staffing to execute different dinner styles, and setups.  Considering there are a vast amount of venues to choose from your consultant should know what it is going to take to make sure your event has no hiccups.

Things to make sure you review regarding your staffing setup:


1.  What style of dinner are you looking for?  Presented buffet, sit-down dinner, or food stations.

2.  Are you looking for table side wine and beverage service.

3.  How far will the team have to travel to set up the cocktail space, ceremony site, and dinner reception space.

4. How much time will the team have to setup?

5. How involved is your bar setup, and drink menu?

6. How many chefs will you need to execute your style of dinner?

7. Do you have anyone helping with the wedding?

When trying to paint the picture of how your wedding will flow it is always important to know how much staffing you will need to make sure it happens. The last thing you want is to have your friends and loved ones standing around with empty glasses!


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