Tips to having a dry wedding

Tips to having a dry wedding

Celebrations,  especially weddings, and alcohol often go hand and hand. During a wedding, there is cocktail hour, champagne toasts, and every other excuse to honor the married couple with adult beverages. However, what if you want to celebrate this momentous occasion without the use of alcohol? Here are some ways to have a great jubilee without getting tipsy:

• Instead of the traditional cocktail hour, have a “mocktail” hour and create non-alcoholic versions of your favorite craft cocktails.
• Have a beverage station where guests can mix or pick their own drinks, like soda water and flavored syrups to make Italian sodas or a juice/smoothie bar.
• Use Martinelli’s sparking apple cider or ginger ale in lieu of champagne for toasts.
• Setup an espresso or cappucinno bar to give people a “buzz” instead of regular coffee.

There are so many dry options available for your special day, so fear not! Toasts can still be had, drinks can be served, with not a tipsy guest in sight.

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