Tis the Season

Tis the Season

It’s the heat of summer and our minds drift to vacation and days on the beach. Afternoons spent lounging and spending time with family and friends. The holidays are probably the last thing on your mind but it’s time to wake up, just a little. I’ve been working with several clients for months planning their holiday parties. Whether it’s a few thousand guests you’re hosting for your company holiday event or ten close friends at you home, now is the time to start putting pieces into place to ensure you have the holiday party of the season.

The first step is determining the perfect location. Some private venues offer discounted rates in off season or during the week so you may score. Be mindful though that wedding season in San Diego never stops. With 65% of my wedding clientele living outside of San Diego, it makes for a very competitive market trying to secure the right place. I have some of my repeat clients booking their venue up to 12 months prior. Dates like New Years book out well in advance and that goes for caterers and entertainers alike. So, if you are planning a holiday party at home, start speaking with your caterer of choice early to get on the books. When you partner with someone you know you can rely on, the worst thing to find out  is that, they are not available.

At the Abbey we specialize in handling every aspect of your holiday party. One of our event coordinator will assist you with  finding and negotiating your venue. Then, in conjunction with our team of chefs, we will completely customize your menu to meet every guests expectations. You want a DJ or band, no problem. We have a diverse collection of talent to satiate your every need. Little details like décor, valet services, or specialty items like photo booths or interactive entertainment, we truly have it all.

So, do yourself a favor. If you are just starting, give one of us a call. Give us the parameters and we will do the rest. We do the work, you can be the hero.

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