Top 10 Wedding Trends of 2012

Top 10 Wedding Trends of 2012

Weddings have evolved over time with many brides and grooms stepping away from the traditional affair and into parties bursting with pizzazz and personality.  Fun and fresh ideas are invading the scene and helping to make a couple’s special day unique and an event for all to remember.  With wedding season approaching, here are the top 10 wedding trends I’ve noted for 2012:

1. Funky stationary:  Indie designers are aplenty to help couples capture their personal style with all forms of wedding stationary, from save-the-date magnets to pop-up invitations.

2. Novel ceremony setups:  Instead of the normal aisle-down-the-middle setup, couples are changing ceremonies up a little by adding pieces of furniture that match the venue among chairs, like lounge furniture in a modern space or bales of hay in a more rustic setting.

3. Paper lanterns:  This form of decor is an inexpensive but colorful way to add depth and pizazz to your reception space.

4. Creative signs:  Chalkboard signs can be used to display a welcome message, menu, and even the seating chart.

5. Understated centerpieces:  Grand and over-the-top floral centerpieces have seem to given way to more simple, multi-leveled and less-is-more arrangements of flowers combined with vintage items like lanterns and tin cans.  Succulents are also becoming very popular.

6. Flow receptions with food stations:  Couples are trying to avoid the stuffy atmosphere of sit down dinners and choosing to go with a more social reception where guests can walk up to various food stations featuring all types of cuisine.  Reception setups reflect this flow with tables and seating for only a portion of the guests and belly bars or lounge furniture throughout the reception area, encouraging guests to get up off their seats and mingle.

7. Photo Booths:  This is a trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere because it’s the perfect item to get your guests to loosen up with silly photos using props like DIY signs, mustaches and feather boas.  It’s also a great take home gift for guests and adds the personal touch to a guestbook.

8. Interactive entertainment:  Hiring a DJ or band is classic, but I’ve seen some couples get a little wild and have energizing entertainment like live rock band karaoke and even a live murder mystery dinner theater component.

9. Wedding favors with flare:  Why give away boxes of chocolate as wedding favors when you can gift funkier items, like customized flip books capturing your images in a photobooth-type setup or gifts that have a direct connection to the bride and groom?  Also in an effort to be less wasteful and more giving, many couples are opting to give donations to the charity of their choice in lieu of wedding favors.

10. Mix of the vintage and modern:  Although rustic-chic weddings seem to be losing their popularity compared to last year, couples are still looking to combine a touch of vintage class with modern tastes.  Vintage centerpieces, furniture, and other items can be sprinkled throughout the reception, but still keeping up with modern venues, themes, and styles…


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