Top 5 must have #Catering questions you need to ask!

Top 5 must have #Catering questions you need to ask!

One of the biggest aspects of your special day is the food, getting this part wrong can easily stress you and your partner out. Here are some key things you should know and ask to prevent such a disaster from happening!


1. Caterers providing a menu that does not fit the venue layout.

It is very easy to walk into a tasting and receive a meal that is to die for, but can it really be recreated on party site?  It is very smart to ask at the tasting how will the food be stored and the cooking procedures be executed on event site.


2. Building a menu that will leave your guest hungry.

Sometimes the artisan dishes may look so pretty but is it something that will feed all your guests?  Getting to creative from a presentation standpoint might be a mistake for menu planning especially if there is an open bar.


3. Not properly storing food in sealed coolers, and hot boxes.

Considering many caterers are traveling with all of your food, and setting up early it is smart, It is to ask how a professional wedding caterer san diego will transport all food items.  Food safety and sanitation is critical in properly executing a wedding.


4. Not properly staffing the event.

Trying to undercut the amount of staffing to meet budget requirements is not recommended.  It would be better to take away from other aspects of the wedding especially for the amount of setup needed.  Also, it is very important that the level of service exceeds expectations because you do not want to be behind schedule because of your caterer.


5.  Overstocking the bar.

90% of weddings have a five hour reception time which will lead to some heavy drinking.  Knowing your crowd and what they can drink and handle is something needs to be considered.  If a caterer overstocks a bar with too many spirits that are shot style then this could lead to some sick guests, and the danger of losing some security deposits.


With these tips in mind, your special day will be as  memorable, and beautiful as you always dreamed!

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