Top 5 #Wedding Budget Savers

Top 5 #Wedding Budget Savers

Engaged? Creating a Budget? Check this out! I work with brides and grooms every day who are concerned about budgeting. So, you’ve got a number in mind and you’re trying to allocate funds around to all of the different areas of your reception. Here are a few quick tips to redirect funds should you want to amp up in other areas or eliminate them all together.

1. Food Costs – One way to bring down the food costs without sacrificing on quality is to switch to a Cocktail Style Reception. Don’t expect major savings, but with this style reception, you can certainly eliminate some staffing and costs on creating your tablescapes. My rule of thumb for staffing is 1 per 25 for a Cocktail Reception. For 100 Guests, this could eliminate 2-3 Staff for  Sit Down Reception.

2. An average wedding of 100 guests would easily generate 2-3k in floral with centerpieces, bouquets, boutiniers, & floral for your arch. Here’s the kicker, you each have 8 in your wedding party. This raises the overall cost. To maintain the floral for your Wedding Party without sacrificing  your Tables you can do a couple of things.

First, don’t hesitate to provide a fixed budget to your florist with your needs  and colors and request a proposal based strictly on that. You may want to request your ideal vision as well for comparison. Source your own vessels for your centerpieces. Check out flea markets, garage sales , & yes, even certain Swedish Retailers may have options for you that you will reuse afterwards. I even have Brides send out mass emails to their guests requesting certain styles of vessels and friends and family jump at the chance to be a part of the day. This will save you on renting or purchasing new products especially if you don’t intend to use them again. Also, less can be more. Mix up your arrangements table to table. This will create drama in the room and allow you to skimp a bit table to table without it being noticed. Use more inexpensive décor to amp up the table like candles or jewel glass.

3. Music – I’ve already mentioned in previous Blogs that I wouldn’t cut back here. The most cost effective way to execute music for your day is to use an official Wedding DJ. Expect $1500-2000 max and ensure they have ability to MC your day. To save a bit of money & stress , have them handle your Ceremony as well. With a standard Reception at 5 Hours, this may require you to add additional hours but will save you the expense of bringing in another music act for your Ceremony or Cocktail Hour and if there is a particular style of Music you want to hear, your DJ will have it.

4. The Helping Hands of Friends & Family – I have a rule of thumb that I offer to my couples when they are considering their friend the Photographer or DJ that’s their sisters boyfriend. Don’t do it!!! Unless, you have “that” kind of relationship with them that it wont create issues. I just started working with a Bride and their photographer was dating a sibling and of course, they broke up. Also, many DJ’s are fantastic DJ’s for Clubs, not weddings. If they can make the transition- fantastic. Make sure they are team-players and understand that just because they’re a friend, there are rules and they are part of an active team working singularly to create a perfect day. That being said, if you have that kind of “relationship” with your Vendor, book them. This is a great way to help put your signiture on your day. Note that many Venues have preferred lists of Vendors so if your personal vendors don’t have an established buisness, they will need to purchase insurance and name the Venue as an additional insurer. If it is not a buisness or they don’t intend it to become one, this may be a headache you don’t want to deal with.

5. Switch-outs! – Many more Brides & Grooms are less and less traditional. Think about the switch-out. You want a Photobooth or Valet Service but you’re a few hundred from your budget on it. Cut your Favors. Guests don’t need them and often forget them or dispose of them. A favor or a place to park or a photo of them is something they will definitely use and appreciate.

If your looking for more budget-saving ideas, check back here on my Blog or call me directly for a consultation. If your budget’s not a concern, you’re free to call me too – 🙂 I can create your perfect day, exact to your expectations.


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