top tips when considering your catering services and venues

top tips when considering your catering services and venues

1. That your venue can easily accommodate your guest count.  It has a good flow to it and service can be visualized through the catering and venue managers.

2. Creating a menu that works with the kitchen equipment on-site.

3. Hiring professionals to execute your event rather then trying to do it yourself.

4. Converse on menu planning and venue design so it all has a creative flow.

5. Having the correct amount of staffing based on what your expectations are for service, and if there are any venue limitations.

6. Keeping open communication between the caterers, venue, and anyone apart of the planning process.

7. Always know what “Plan B” is for dinner service, rain, extended bar services, security.

8. Keeping an open mind, and being flexible to anything that might pop up.

9. Making sure that catering and venue are within your budget.  Other vendors such as florals, photography, and many more will come into play.

10. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions, we’re here to help your catering event in San Diego County.

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