#Top5 gifts for your #Groom!

#Top5 gifts for your #Groom!

You’re planning is well in order and it’s time to take care of some of the extras. Special things that you want to do for those that are helping you with the wedding planning are sometimes expected and fall within tradition. Note that it is your day and it’s all about the two of you so make the traditions “yours.” That being said, who doesn’t like gifts and it is customary for brides and groom to exchange gifts on their day. This one is just for the men. These are my top 5 picks for your grooms gift.

1. Jewelry- Yes, you’re exchanging rings but this is one of the most popular ideas that a lot of our brides gravitate towards. Keep in mind his personality, ask yourself questions like, does he wear jewelry at all or will it just be the ring? A great example of jewelry a lot of men like is a nice watch. An excellent, high-end time piece would be. They make some beautiful timepieces and you can get a starter or even a preowned piece. If you have a little more to invest there are limited editions that will definitely make him smile. If the two of you are more practical or if he is a more rugged man, I like the Csio G-Shock. They are tough, durable, and they last. With so many options in color and style available, you will be sure to find the one just right for him.

2. Tech Gifts- What guy doesn’t  love some new tech toys? A high tech surround sound, or Blu-Ray player, or high def big screen TV! If he is covered in this department then it’s always a good bet to get the latest, coolest phone. Whether it’s IPhone or Android, you can always find the latest and greatest with all the accessories. Or maybe a he would like a tablet or, if he’s a reader- go Kindle, or Nook. Most guys love gadgets and gizmos, tech is one of the secret ways into a man’s heart!

3. Sports Night-  Tickets and a night out to a game are huge and you know he’ll go for it. Let’s face it, many of brides out there come to a close second at certain times of the year to his favorite team. Plan a night with tickets, dinner, and maybe a limo or towncar service, so he and his buds can go safely and in style. Or, if you’re both into the same team, go together!

4. Plan a Weekend- This is also something you can do together, or give him a Hangover Getaway for him and his friends. Vegas is popular, or you can do something like snowboarding, hiking, or something like a NYC trip. Use your best judgment and plan all the details from food to transport.

5. Something Special or Practical- Go for a gift that satisfies something he has been wishing for and was holding off on. Power tools, parts for his car or other projects, lawn equipment, a new golf club. Or go another route; get him something purely from the heart. My favorite all time gift from my wife was a hard cover photo book she made for me; it remains a cherished item to this day. You can’t go wrong going this direction; all men are secretly sentimental, most times they need their wives and loved ones to remind them.

Regardless of the gift, putting some thought into your gift is enough. After all, as old saying says: “It’s the thought that counts”  As played out as that saying is, it still rings true!



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