#Top5 #WeddingGifts for the happy couple!

#Top5 #WeddingGifts for the happy couple!

Weddings are the best occasions to express love, affection, and gratitude to our near and dear ones. Friends and relatives are getting married and its definitely a time to celebrate! Why not extend those feeling by gifting the  newly-wedded couple with a wonderful and useful wedding gift?

If the to-be married couple has made a wedding gift list and a store registry, be sure to check it out before purchasing your gift. After all, you don’t want to clutter up their space with unneeded items.

Here are the top five wedding gift ideas that have been popular for ages:

1.    Cash Gifts: One item that might not be romantic but is certainly considered practical as a wedding gift is money. Don’t do anything crass like just slapping together an envelope of cash. Find a card or packaging that accents the couples personality. Put thought into the presentation  like a collage of pictures on a card of the couples and their family. Adding a little flare to the gift will show thought was put into the gift, yet allow them to use the money on things they want.

 2. Home appliances: Most of the home appliances will be listed in the gift registry, as the couple will need them for their new home. Home appliances range from easily affordable to costly. It is needless to mention that the choice depends on your budget. Sandwich toasters, blenders, DVD players, etc., cost less and will fit the budget of many. But are just an important as the high priced items, such as, air conditioners, refrigerators, high-end televisions, and washing machines. Do not forget to check out shopping web sites for wedding gift ideas.

3. Personalized items: Personalized items could make an ideal gift to celebrate the coming together of two people. It could make a nice keepsake for many years to come. A number of items can be personalized, from art canvases to alcoholic bottles. This one is really up to the relationship you share with the couple and if you want your gift to have more meaning behind it.

4. Helping With The Wedding: This gift is a personalized “upgrade”, so to speak, for the couples wedding. For instance, going to a photobooth vendor and renting a photobooth for the reception, or paying the difference and upgrading their honeymoon flight tickets to first class. This gift will allow you to add something to the couples special day with something they couldn’t afford or didn’t think of. This doesn’t have to be monetary either, donating your time to help with decoration goes a long way to reduce stress all around. Since it is their special day you must work WITH the couple before you start adding to their event to avoid stepping on toes or a logistics misstep. This gift is ideal for Maids of Honor or sibling to the couple.

5. Experiences: A number of couples, who are busy planning and paying for a wedding, might enjoy an exciting experience for their honeymoon as a fun introduction into married life. This could range from an exhilarating sky diving trip or a relaxing ”his & hers” spa day.

A wedding is a time when a couple enters into a relationship that is meant to last forever. Make it fantastic by giving suitable wedding gifts that the couple will cherish.

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