#TopFive #StressReducing tips for picking a #Florist

#TopFive #StressReducing tips for picking a #Florist

As a wedding coordinator, my #1 goal is to take some stressful overseeing off my couples plate. Here are some useful tips that I have gathered through my years of experience. This will help you avoid the stress of selecting the perfect florist for your special day:
1. After personal recommendations  checking the reviews, try to narrow down your florists to no more then three. This will alleviate too many options because each florist will be able to negotiate different deals depending on how established they are.

2. If you have a vision and a budget, always present it to all florists and see what they each come up with. First, have them show you what your ideal arrangements would consist of and what your looking to do with them. Second, its time to be practical and see what they can do to execute your vision by staying strict to your budget.

3. Be open minded if you are trying to stay in a budget. Suppose you always wanted that Japanese Lily you saw on vacation years ago, and you must have it on your special day, ask yourself: Is it in season?  Is it a possibility to get? How much will it cost? Be open to similar flowers and look at their shapes, colors, and design.

4. Most florists in San Diego are reputable. I always encourage couples to do a 3 part investigation. Research their florists reputation via reviews and referrals. Establish pricing with the florist and make sure they can work within your budget. Lastly, meet them. If the first two fall into place make sure they are agreeable(within reason) to adjustment, changes ect.

5. If you have no vision for your florals, you need to get to work even if the floral design isn’t something that is a high priority. Source images and colors for centerpieces and bouquets. A good way to get inspired is to have your guests vote on some sample arrangements at your bridal shower and make the selection fun.

Love is what this is all about. Don’t let your wedding turn into something that doesn’t reflect the love you share with your partner. Planning can be stressful but it does not have to stress you out.

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