Tropical Paradise with Splashes of Orange and Buttercup Elegance meets Old World Luster

Tropical Paradise with Splashes of Orange and Buttercup Elegance meets Old World Luster

Every once in a while a couple comes along with sincerity and hearts as big as the world.  Young Love is virtuous and innocent.  It leaves the heart of others gasping for the same romance.  Nicole and Brandon tied the knot on April 28th in beautiful sunny San Diego.  Brought to life was their vision of a casual beach theme an old world, tropical paradise.

We had chosen the front ceremony garden facing an European style fountain. In front of the fountain, the father of the bride made a stunning customized arch for his daughter that was adorned with tropical center pieces by Four Season’s flowers, one of our preferred vendors for the Abbey Catering.  For this tropical paradise, facing the tree, there hung floral balls and lighted lanterns from the tree, feeling of an enchanted Hawaii.

The north arbor-covered terrace was the definite spot to have the cocktail hour.  Guests were welcomed into the space by an Abbey staff member, each greeted with a signature cocktail, “The Mai Tai” that was hanging off a beautiful metal sculpture that the Abbey has to offer their Bride and Groom.

The Bride and Groom walked to the ocean for photos while guests were enjoying cocktails and  hors d’oeuvres,  returning to the club in time to make their grand entrance. Nicole and I had a vision to move the Arch that Richard Morse built, to be re-located to the main stage. The cake table was placed just in front of it to create a striking photo opportunity.

Creating a space for the grand entrance for the guests and the Bride and Groom is crucial to a wedding.  Nicole, Brandon, and I came up with a grand entrance that was breath taking for everyone.  However, this grand revealing was kept from everyone until the doors opened.  The guests were stunned by the captivating details and colors and the elegance of the drapings from the chandelier which were highlighted by amber lights.  As they entered, the focal point was the beautiful soft coloring of a buttercup and sea theme, only to be highlighted by the amazingly crafted arch.  The Bride and Groom entered the space and had their first dance under the soft draping of the white chiffon canopy and with all their guests to watch them with smiles on their face while true love exuded.


The bridal party and I had a wonderful tasting together where I first became part of the family.  We laughed, smiled, and talked about the vision for their wedding at the tasting.  The chef and I created an exquisite menu for them as they tasted samples of food that could be catered to their wedding.  These meetings are just the beginning where I become close to my bride, groom, and their family.  The Abbey Catering and Design made a menu for them that had stuff mushrooms with Ratatouille, beef skewers with a homemade Asian glaze with sesame seeds, coconut crusted golden shrimp, and fresh homemade pita with hummus for appetizers.

This was only to follow by the Abbey preparing a delicious fresh summer green salad with mandarin oranges, a hint of color to match the wedding, cranberries, caramelized walnuts, and a homemade raspberry vinaigrette in a red cabbage bowl.  As everyone always knows, you first eat with your eyes, and then taste with your mouth, the catering had both.  The salads were preset which gave such a color pop to the tables that it created a stunning view with splashes of orange, purple, and green, and a hint of white.

Dinner followed with succulent chicken Payard with a Sherry reduction and sautéed mushrooms and a black peppered pork chop with a black berry demi glaze only to be accompanied by a delicious Israeli sundried couscous and grilled mixed vegetables.

The Abbey staff and I catered to everyone by having first-class service.  We, at The Abbey, always cater to our guests as if they are royalty and I take pride that each and every wedding I coordinate is perfect.  Together, the bride & groom, sometimes family members, and I create a special and magical day like if it was out of a fairy tale.  The day of blissfulness becomes enchanting and with the help of The Abbey Catering Company and Design we do make dreams come true for each and every lovely couple.  Congratulations to my new family, Mr. and Mrs. Henzie.  May all your days be as glorious as the day of your wedding.  Thank you for choosing The Abbey and having me as your coordinator and making your vision come alive.

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