Unforgettable “Romance by the Sea”

Unforgettable “Romance by the Sea”

A bride's dream venue.

A bride's Dream venue.

The Abbey Escalade Limo

The Abbey Escalade Limo

Anyone need a Groom?

Anyone need a Groom?

Senior Event Consultant Rob Leszewski

Senior Event Consultant Rob Leszewski

Known for its incredible views, cool

breezes and wonderful weather...The La

Jolla Cove Suites is a wonderful venue for

almost any occasion.  The recent “Romance

by the Sea” annual event was a tremendous

success, and showcased this amazing

venue in all its glory.  From the breath

taking view, to the extremely large venue

capacity, to the ability to host indoor and

outdoor events simultaneously, The La

Jolla Cove Suites has it all.

All of the vendors that participated in this

event did a fabulous presenting their

menus.  Here at the Abbey, we presented

our Floating Hummus Bar and Iced Soup

Shooters, along with supplying overhead

kites for shade, our own specialty linens

and complimentary Limo Shuttle Service

for Guests who parked near by.  But these

were just a few of the outstanding

services that the Abbey provides to its

clients.  How can we help make your next

event at the La Jolla Cove Suites


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