Unique Event Furniture

Unique Event Furniture

A great way to add to your event is to rent some unique furniture that goes with the a theme that you have chosen.

Lounge furniture with clean lines offers a contemporary feel, and now many companies are incorporating color into the buttons, piping, legs, so you can personalize it! A large white square ottoman with throw pillows and blankets are a great way to create a “cozy” feel.

Tufted couches are fantastic for many designs as well! For a vintage feel, try a velvet tufted couch or chaise in a rich color. For a shabby-chic feel, a fabulous overstuffed white or cream couch, even scour your friends and families houses and “borrow” it for the day (sometimes the cleaning bill is more econimical than renting PLUS it can be a better fit!). My favorite at the moment is using colorful adirondack chairs in the perimeter of your space, maybe outside in the garden or lawn. It makes an amazing and bold statement.

Use your imagination, you can never make your wedding too personal.

Even the simplest of details can make ordinary become extraordinary. Make your event have a little extra flare in it, click ahead and give us a taste of what flare you would add to your event…


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