Unlimited Wedding Guests Without Blowing the Budget(10-18-13)(Battoe)

Unlimited Wedding Guests Without Blowing the Budget(10-18-13)(Battoe)

As an Event Planner I’ve worked with Hundreds of couples trying to balance their budget. Some couples try to reduce costs by cutting guest lists, but that often conflicts with Mom & Dad’s desire to invite their entire company, the whole neighborhood and even their 3rd Cousin twice removed, Great-Great Aunt Helen.


Then more importantly, there are all of the people you really want to be there, but for one reason or another can’t make the trip.


Whether you  have someone special that cannot make the trip due to finances, medical issues, or even an obligation with work- your solution has arrived.


LIVE STREAMING your wedding is the answer! Imagine the possibilities: The best seat in the house for everyone that can’t make it to your day. You can stream your wedding in real time by broadcasting the video and audio over the internet, ensuring that your absent VIP’s will still get to take part in your Day. 65% of my Couples planning their Wedding in San Diego, don’t live in San Diego. This means that a majority of their guest count has to plan for the trip.  And let’s face it, not everyone can make it even if they so desperately want to be there.


Check out Live Streaming Weddings or use Google to check out some other options. It can be as simple as downloading a program on your Laptop and offering your guests a link or a user name/password option to view your Special Day.


Trends come and go but when the tech-world chimes the bell, they tend to stick . LIVE STREAMING is todays answer

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