Using Technology on Your Wedding Day

Using Technology on Your Wedding Day

With all of the communications technology we have today, it’s not a surprise that people are finding unique and clever ways to use it to their advantage on their special day. Here are a couple of examples:

  • For those special friends and family members that aren’t able to attend your nuptials, now you can broadcast or “live-stream” your wedding to them online so they can still be witness to the festivities. Websites like “Marry Me Live” and “I Do Stream” are two vendors that offer this type of service.
  • Sometimes guests who aren’t able to attend still want to give a more personal note of congratulations, so ask them to record and send in a video message on DVD that can be played during the reception. At one of the weddings I attended, the sister of the bride was pregnant and not able to attend, so she sent in the cutest and most heartfelt video message for everyone to enjoy.
  • Another way to incorporate technology into your special day is to have a digital camera and picture printer to take fun photos with your family and friends have have the prints the same night! (which conveniently enough The Abbey Catering offers!)
  • Another way to have your special day in the 21st century is our photo booth that automatically uploads your photos and a personalized video onto your Facebook.

These are just a few ways we can use technology to help us connect with our loved ones on our special day near and far!

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