Vintage is popular time after time

Vintage is popular time after time

Vintage keeps making a resurgence, but it seems that 2011 will see it become mainstream in wedding culture. Websites such as Etsy and eBay have now added ‘Wedding’ sections to their categories, showing that more and more brides are demanding vintage on their websites, and the changing economy has done favors for the world of handmade items. A growing number of couples are looking to add a vintage charm to their big day, making this one of our top trends for 2011.

Recent Abbey weddings have seen vintage pop up almost everywhere. Mason jars as candle holders and cocktail glasses and beach-inspired placecards and wood-influenced tablescapes all adhere to the vintage theme, and even the dresses are becoming shorter, more shapely and pulling in ideas from years gone by.

One way to make vintage work is to pair it up with a theme. One recent wedding at the Coronado Community Center used the couple’s globetrotting past as the theme for the wedding, and added vintage with old suitcases lining the room, filled with goodies for the guests. Sand and shells were used as accents to the vintage travel theme, and worked really well with the blue and yellow Summer color theme.

Too much vintage can leave the wedding looking outdated and dull, but this can be easily avoided by adding a modern aspect to the décor or dress; something which has been seen all over late 2010 weddings. A popular way to do this is with vintage tea-length dresses paired with bright and modern shoes. The colors bring the vintage look to the current time and tie everything together. Another way to spruce up vintage is to keep it lighthearted and playful, using bright patterns, cute lace and bold statements. Even the reception can have a touch of vintage, with outdoor seating, cocktails and sweet tea on the lawn and historical party favors.

Vintage is just one theme that is becoming more popular this year. Contact the Abbey today to find out what else we think will be big in 2011.

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