Walter and Claire’s Flawless #Wedding : Tips to Perfection from Moment to Moment

Walter and Claire’s Flawless #Wedding : Tips to Perfection from Moment to Moment

The term “Coordinator” can refer to a position within an organization or business with significant responsibilities for acting as a liaison between departments, stakeholders and information sources, which requires many non-administrative competencies. This position holds so many leadership roles that there is all the pressure on the coordinator to create the perfect wedding for the newlyweds and make sure that everything  is in order and can always be trusted and handle anything that happens, good or bad, and come up with the solutions.  You really have to love this job and the stress that comes with it.  In the end, I believe, that all is worth it because when seeing the couple kiss for the first time and Mr. and Mrs.… still chokes me up and seeing their happy faces throughout the night is a great accomplishment and a feat in itself.

Coordinating for me is always working with everyone and making sure that I listen to everyone that is involved in the process and give direction to all the vendors.  I always feel out everyone’s personality in our initial consult and like a chameleon, I have to adapt to everyone’s personality and be respectful to all present.  I believe that I have a great personality and get along with everyone and that is essential to any relationship in the beginning.  That is what exactly I do and in the end I always make new families from my weddings. I am proud to say that in the past year I have kept in contact with most of clients and they keep in touch with me and I am very happy to hear from 2 of my couples this year that they are expecting.  Hearing news like that just makes every experience so valuable and rewarding.

The couples relatives are such amazing families that have been joined by Claire and Walter’s union.  They had their wonderful wedding at the historic Thursday Club in Point Loma.  The ceremony was in the patio with the most beautiful backdrop of the Pacific Ocean on a picture perfect sunny San Diego day.  With this picture perfect day came traffic.  San Diego is known for its beautiful weather and that Saturday on June 29, 2012 was one of the most perfect weather anyone could ask for.  So, if you are from out or from in town, always make sure you tell your guests to arrive a half an hour earlier than the ceremony.  Traffic was absolutely dreadful that day.  We started the ceremony a little late to accommodate the guests arriving late that were stuck in traffic.  I then knew that the rest of our timeline was going to change and had to make sure with the vendors and kitchen that
I kept in constant communication with them to have everything perfect, especially the food.

This wedding expected a lot from me because two years prior, we, The Abbey Catering and Event Design, had succeeded in doing Claire’s sister wedding.  Well, this wedding was absolutely a dream that came true and attention to detail was accomplished in creating affair to remember.  The sophisticated theme of a Tiffany blue linens, ivory accents, and towering flowers of different sizes and heights created a playful and mesmerizing picture perfect moment.  Specialty linens from Elegant Affairs were brought in just for this occasion and Art Quest flowers, both of Abbey’s Catering and Event Design preferred vendors assisted in making this day captivating.  The only thing left to complete the day was the food.

The food!  Let’s talk FOOD! Everybody knows that any wedding they will remember the service, food, and cake.  As the coordinator, I am ultimately responsible for all this and that everything is timed just perfect. I am the maestro for the evening and ultimately everything falls on me.  I can assure you, if you are reading this blog that I will go above and beyond for all my brides and grooms to make their day extra special and beyond their dreams.  Walter and Claire wanted or missed nothing for having great appetizers during the cocktail hour that Chef Alex made from the kitchen of the Thursday Club.  Beautiful, mouth watering tri color bruschetta, fresh Ahi Poki on a fried wonton, warm pita with a choice of Indian sweet curry and roasted garlic was tray passed for the cocktail hour.  We could hardly make it out of the kitchen without the try emptying to the guests that kept saying how delicious everything was. If that wasn’t enough; we had a gourmet cheese and cracker station accompanied by a wine presented on our sculptural metal tree that has always had the guests talking about how beautiful it is.  It is always a head turner at any wedding to see this wine tree.

The guests took their seats after the cocktail hour to sit to a table of our famous Abbey Salad of mixed greens, dried cranberries, caramelized walnuts, and imported feta cheese.  If this wasn’t enough, it is placed in a vessel of a red cabbage bowl.  This makes such an impressive statement and brings vibrant color to compliment any table scheme.

Dinner was presented buffet service and the guest found themselves to a bountiful presentation of a gourmet dinner which was succulent slow braised short ribs in a demi reduction and a Pank crusted juicy grilled chicken with a crumbled gorgonzola cream sauce.  The tantalizing succulent sides were seasoned grilled vegetables and a truffle, rosemary cream cheese mashed potatoes.  We even made sure that we had special meals for the children that were moist chicken fingers, mac n cheese, and fresh fruit.  Any kids favorite and sometimes adults!  The Abbey Catering and Event Design always make sure that all guests are taken care of and we always make sure that if any guest has allergies or have special requirements that we take care of them.  Everyone will always have great delicious food!

The rest of the evening fell in place and you can say nature took its course. The guest danced and drank and continued to celebrate the young couple matrimony.  I, at this time make sure that the Abbey staff is always paying attention to all the guests and anything that they may want.  One thing that I recommend to any bride and groom is very important.  At the end of the wedding, it is very important to assign one person to every task that needs to be taken care of.  The reason for this is so that there is order and less confusion.  One person should be in charge at the end of the evening for gathering the presents up and taking them to their location.  One person should be in charge of the sign in book, cake cutting set, etc., you get my point.  That way, when everything is said and done, you know who to call or where to go to get everything.  I have always given this tip to my brides and those who have took my advice have thank me so much for that because at the end of the evening or the next day they were able to find everything.  I have had a couple of brides in the past that have not took my advice and I am getting emails and phone calls the next day asking me questions who took what and did I see who took what?  If you have a game plan and assign certain people to each be responsible for certain items I guarantee you that there will be order and you will know at the end of the night or the next day where everything is.

I say, always ask for help from your coordinator because that is what we are here for!  We can come up with ideas, solutions, and great understanding and compassion for anything.  I will always go above and beyond any of your expectations.  That is what The Abbey Catering is known for, close ties, making dreams come true, and of course, excellent service with a smile.  We care!

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