Water, water I do declare. Water, water everywhere.

Water, water I do declare. Water, water everywhere.

As Spring begins to subside and June Gloom leaves the skies of San Diego, many of us are getting excited about the Summer, and the weddings and holidays we’ve planned. However, there is probably one more thing left to consider – hydration. Studies have shown that a good hydration routine can increase performance in sports and better one’s own appearance and health, and as the changing  temperature creeps up, we will find more reasons to stay hydrated and refreshed. Water suppresses hunger and helps digestion, meaning calories are burned off more efficiently and help us stay trim… The perfect excuse if you have a busy wedding season ahead and need to look good in that little black dress.

The recommended amount of water to be consumed every day changes depending on the literature you are reading, but is generally between 8-10 glasses(64-80 ounces).  A good rule of thumb is to keep a water source on you and take sips constantly through the day. This helps your body absorb and make use of the water without feeling bloated and sluggish. If hydrating before exercise, make sure you do not consume a large amount just prior to starting, as this will cause you to get a stitch. Instead, drink a few glasses two hours before, and then maintain this with smaller amounts leading up to the exercise.

If you’re having difficulties consuming so much water, look at a new angle. Water is present in everything we eat and drink, so you can make up the last few ounces by eating fresh, moisture filled produce like strawberries or watermelon. Avoid cutting out salt. While it can seem to make you more thirsty, our bodies actually need salt to retain water, although the amount should be capped as too much salt can also harm the body.

The last thing to remember is don’t wait until you feel thirsty. Thirst serves as a warning to our body that we’re dehydrated, but is also a reminder that we’re already low on hydration, meaning we’re already behind on our water consumption. Stay one step ahead and stick to a regular water routine throughout the day.

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