#WeddingTips : The Art of the #GrandExit

#WeddingTips : The Art of the #GrandExit

To mark the beginning of a wedding reception, traditionally the bride and groom enter the venue by means of a grand entrance with the use of music or theatrics. At the end of the evening, brides and grooms can leave their venue by means of a grand exit where guests line up and wish them a fond farewell. However, I feel most couples nowadays always have a grand entrance for their reception, but forego a grand exit. I think it’s time to bring the lost art of the grand exit back, and here are some fun ways to do so:

• Sparklers, candles, and glow sticks are a spectacular and vivid way to bid the couple adieu for an outdoor and evening wedding. However, check with your venue and see if sparklers or candles are prohibited.

• Bubbles add a fun and whimsical element to the grand exit and are kid-friendly.

• Rose petals, ribbon wands, or biodegradable fake snow and confetti can add an explosion of color to the grand exit while still being conscientious of the environment and wedding venue.

• If these ideas are too elaborate, stay simple and have the guests line up on two sides and create an archway with their arms for the bride and groom to run under and into their departing mode of transportation.

Since it’s your special day, surrounded by your friends and loved ones, it only seems right that you celebrate the end of it by being grand!

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