Welcome bag for out of town guests

Welcome bag for out of town guests

Although it’s traditional to provide a wedding favor for all of your invited guests, sometimes it’s a really nice touch to give those special out of town guests an additional gift to show your appreciation for their presence. Why not create a welcome bag with items of interest unique to your city so those out of town guests can really experience what your destination wedding has to offer? Here are a few suggestions:

• Provide a list of your favorite local attractions and restaurants to help guide your guests to the best the city has to offer.
• Find small gifts for the welcome bag that are unique to your city; for example, San Diego is well known for its craft beers, so give a bottle of your favorite local brew.
• Although a bit kitschy, stuff the bag with touristy items like postcards, magnets, and even shot glasses.
• For those with a sweet tooth, give small treats from your favorite local bakery or restaurant.

A welcome bag with these items and more are sure to please all of your out of town guests! Extra touches like these can really bring value to both your special day and our home city!

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