What to expect when securing a unique but remote #Wedding #Venue

What to expect when securing a unique but remote #Wedding #Venue

Recently, one of my friends got married at a beautiful barn in Julian. From the ceremony to the food to the décor, the wedding was absolutely amazing and the venue fit all the items she was looking for: unique, rustic, and not in metro San Diego. As a matter of fact, her wedding was only the second one that had been held there. Like many other brides, finding “a hidden jewel” of venue like she did is highly desirable, but can bring interesting challenges you should be prepared for that most traditional venues may not face. Here are some of things to expect when you’re securing a unique, but remote venue:

At a remote venue like a barn, ample sources of power may be an issue, so it’s important to determine all of your power needs, including those of your vendors (i.e. caterer, DJ, etc.). If your venue does not have enough power, then you may need to invest in a generator.

If your venue is like the one I went to in Julian, you may need to research and invest in portable restrooms. Be sure to rent enough to handle your guest count, because long lines at the restroom make for crabby people.

Generally, remote or rustic venues are landscaped with grass, dirt, and loose gravel, so warn the ladies in heels and either provide or have them bring heel protectors. The ladies may even want to bring some flats to wear towards the end of the night, particularly for dancing.

Most likely, your venue may not have an established kitchen facility, so be sure your caterer is prepared to bring in all the items and equipment they need to create a mobile kitchen on site.

One venue I’ve worked with was not searchable on Google maps, so if that’s the case for your all inclusive wedding venues san diego, then provide easy driving directions for your guests. If you want to go the extra mile, then put up signs along the route directing your guests toward the venue.

Don’t forget to give your guests a list of local hotels and transportation options, especially if they’re not familiar with the area.

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