Yelp Review: by Anna B.

Yelp Review: by Anna B.

Anna B.
Pacific Beach, San Diego, CA
4 Stars

My review is not based on previous catering service, but rather on an event I attended where a few representative from Abbey were present and had samples to try.

I ran into a few of their staff, but one person, Martin, really stood out because we chatted for a while. He was friendly and interesting, so while we talked about food, I was scarfing down their samples: mashed potatoes with chicken that could be dressed with toppings.  They had sauteed mushrooms (with extra butter), shredded bacon, cheese, but what really blew me away was their phenomenal garlic! It was whole chunks of succulent garlic that had the creaminess texture to it without the over-pungency that garlic usually has… oh man.

So I plan on finding a groom soon just to order from them.

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