Yelp Review: by Sophia Y.

Yelp Review: by Sophia Y.

Sophia Y.
San Diego, CA
5 Stars

What a delicious and fun company!

They catered at Yelp’s Pant-less prom.

The entertainment: taking photos of us behind a fake driver’s license. Can’t wait to see how stupid mine took. I saw a couple of booties and boobies in a few of the picture windows for the driver’s license. I’m sure those yelper’s will be enjoying that later haha. The photographer (who sorry I totally forgot the name was) was super cool, chill, and fun!

The food: Let’s just say that if I had all the money in the world, I would never cook for myself again. Absolutely deliciously amazing! Non-the-less, me and my friends spent half the time chasing the servers down for just a bite of scrumdiliumptiousness.

They had tuna ahi on chips – our fave!!

Hummus on pita bread – I’ve had a lot of hummus and pita break before and I don’t know what they do but the pita bread is soooo good!!

Tomato shooters – not a huge fan of tomatoes, but these were super refreshing and came with a bite size carrot stick

Chicken salad on crackers – mmm… nothing like combining the meat for a carnivore and the heathiness of a salad – well, not really. But you know what I mean.

Overall, I say yes yes yes to everything!

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