Yelp Review: by Zak D.

Yelp Review: by Zak D.

Zak D.

San Francisco, CA
5 Stars

My wife and I got married at the Cuvier Club on August 6th. The package included catering by The Abbey.

I’m Jewish, my wife is Vietnamese, we both take food (too) seriously, and we really wanted to make sure that our guests had a good culinary experience (in addition to the already amazing party). Not only that, but we also needed to take koshers/vegetarians/vegans/etc. into account.

We were so happy with the final product. Our friends and family praised over and over that not only was it good wedding food, but it was just good food.

On each table: Fresh flatbread with Za’atar and Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Salad: Mixed greens with fresh fruit, caramelized walnuts and crumbled imported goat cheese. Dressed with a homemade raspberry vinaigrette
Dual Entree:
-Salmon en Croute: Fresh wild salmon, wrapped in puff pastry and stuffed with sauteed spinach, wild mushrooms, and goat cheese.
-Chianti braised black angus superior beef
On each plate: Grilled asparagus and homemade roasted garlic and rosemary, truffled mashed potatoes.

They totally exceeded expectations, and they even put food aside so I got to eat at my own wedding.

I also did a review of the Cuvier Club, so check that out for our experience with the venue.

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