Your Vision, Your Theme, Your #Venue!

Your Vision, Your Theme, Your #Venue!

With a themed wedding, sometimes it’s all too easy to overlook tying in the venue into your theme. Each venue has a very unique feel to it. So if your dream is for a themed wedding, might as well go all the way!  The theme is the foundation of your special day. The first building block you place on the foundation should be getting the venue to best compliment your vision. I put together a list of themes I have experienced then added which venue have similar architecture to the theme.

1. A floral/nature theme can be difficult to arrange your color palette, but makes a nice impact if you want a very colorful day! Although San Diego has a vast array of flowers, I recommend planning your special day around the season of the floral palette. You might not realize the extra cost per stem when the flower is out of season. A great venue for a floral theme is of course, the San Diego Botanical Gardens in Encinitas. It has a vast collection of rare and beautiful flowers from all across the world. A perfect location for a floral/nature theme!

2.  A destination theme is always a great choice! San Diego has a lot more to offer than beautiful beaches. I’ve had clients make their San Diego weddings into an English  garden, a Paris dance club, and my favorite, a costume gala in Vienna. The Thursday Club is a very popular venue, one can easily  transform into the destination of your liking.!

3.     A specific time period for your wedding theme can be exciting.  The Great Gatsby can be loads of fun, An Art Deco theme is always a great idea.  A Victorian area setting is always sophisticated. One of my most entertaining receptions I was a part of was set up like a speak  easy, I’ll never forget it. The Darlington House, in my opinion ideal for this. The venue really has a vintage look, perfect for this style of theme.

4.        A seasonal the me can be unique, especially a winter theme. Being here in San Diego you can bring the snow covered evergreens to life in a modern or traditional sense. Autumn colors are great, especially since the fall is a huge wedding season. I attended a winter theme that was set up like a break in the forest. It was surreal. The Cuvier Club has a perfect color palette for this type of theme. Fall and winter colors really pop out ageist our ballroom floors.

5.       Finally, a cultural setting  can be personal. Imagine the Orient, India, exotic and full of life! I recently helped a couple with a Polynesian reception. This type of theme is one of rich colors and ornate decorations. It can really add that extra piece of your personalities to your day. A supreme choice for a wedding of this verity are some of the great museums in Balboa Park, the Natural History Museum is great selection.

As your vision becomes more and more vivid, it is all too easy to become overwhelmed. Many brides get discouraged or frustrated, but don’t let that overshadow your special day. It is my job to help alleviate some of this stress. Let me know if I can help make your vision a reality.

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